At Moto Republic, there’s always an experienced and knowledgeable staff member around to offer suggestions and lend a second pair of hands. Should you need additional help or guidance with your particular maintenance task or modification, we offer assistance in the following flavors:

Private Wrench – $135/hour

One-On-One instruction tailored to your needs and goals.


Private Wrench is perfect for anyone who wants to expand their skill set, and take on a completely unfamiliar maintenance procedure or customization task with “hands on” assistance from a qualified mentor. Examples of tasks and procedures that would definitely fall under our Private Wrench Offerings:

Carburetor tuning or cleaning
Valve Adjustments
Fork seal replacement
adjusting/replacing steering head bearings
electrical installations (LED Turn signals / accessory wiring).

Mentorshipà la carte Assistance $60/hour


If you have a can-do attitude, and a basic understanding of the task you are undertaking (but know you’ll need a fair amount of help/advice to achieve your goals), we also offer a “lighter” version of assistance as an add-on on to our regular service bay rental rates. With it you’ll get additional supervision & guidance to help you stay on track, work smart and arise triumphantly in the end!

Almost all basic maintenance procedures would most likely fall under our Mentoring services:
Wheel removal
Chain & Sprocket maintenance
Oil changes
Brakes system maintenance
Air Filter service

It’s always best to pre-book, as we cannot guarantee availability of our Mentorship services without a reservation.

We encourage you to contact us in advance and discuss your goals. We can help you with planning, time management, parts ordering…..

We want you set up for success!