Heated Grips Installation

Jan. 14th, 2018  10AM – 2PM

We’ll guide you through a slick install of Heat Demon heated grip inserts on your own motorcycle, so your hands stay warm and toasty.

We’ve been using these grip inserts on all our bikes for years, and boy are they great to have!

The inserts have two settings, “oh, nice” and “awesome!”

The inserts install underneath your grips, and are wired to your battery with a relay. We’ll find the perfect spot to mount the on/off switch, so it looks like stock!

You can usually re-use your current grips, but if if you’re due for new grips, now’s the time. Call ahead and order through us, or bring your own.

$75 for the class
$67.68  materials fee (due at time of class – for the heated inserts & wiring)



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