Moto Republic Chain Lube & Adjust

April 4, 2019  7pm-9pm

A new chain and set of sprockets will run you like $200 bucks!
Why not lavish a little attention on the grungiest part of your motorcycle and coax more miles out of your current chain? A properly maintained chain should last you 10K miles, if you care for it!

We start with an assessment of your current chain and sprockets, along with providing examples of new and worn components for comparison.

We’ll run you through the maintenance procedure; cleaning and lubing your chain and sprockets, as well as teaching you how to correctly adjust (every bike is a little different) and care for your chain to ensure the longest life.

Price of the class includes supplies, a can of Motul Chain Clean, and Motul Chain Lube Road so you are set for months of chain maintenance!

Save $$$ and get your hands greasy? How could you pass this up?


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